How to Start Pitching

Broadcast Television

Television is a very powerful medium. Here's why...

It's very interactive. You + a host or anchor (someone the audience already trusts).

We believe what we see. You have the opportunity to show and demonstrate.

Television is key in building your platform to generate interest from brands or publishers. 

Television credits on your website inspire huge trust and credibility.

Some Basic "Get-Started" Tips: 

  • Television producers are so busy; you have to grab them in a nanosecond, like when you're talking to someone you know could hang up any second
  • Talk about what you can offer in terms of a quick 2-to-5 minute segment and the visuals you imagine could accompany your demonstration
  • The best segments impact people's time, money, pets, relationship, or appearance; think about "quick-and-easy" or "save time and money"
  • Start small and grow your media platform; look at local opportunities first before working your work up to Good Morning America or The Today Show

Click to grab the pitch template to reach out to TV

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