Sophia Shilimindri is a Mediterranean living in Switzerland with her husband and two kids. She loves nature, numbers, sports and organization. Her process-oriented thinking led her to a degree in Chemical Engineering and a top led MBA. Her passion for efficiency and customer service then led her to multiple operational leadership positions in multinational companies.

For the last ten years, Sophia has been helping service-based businesses to streamline their operations with her company Rodi Management Consulting. If you want to simplify your life as a CEO, save time and take your small business to the next level you are in the right place when connecting with Sophia.

She is here to help you fulfill your mission by creating the map, the systems and the accountability to get there. She will keep you on track and keep you calm and sane. Sophia brings back the fun into building a business and a team.

Sophia offers businesses strategic planning, automation consulting, and herself as Director of Operations to her clients.

The name Rodi, is the Greek word for pomegranate, the delicious fruit and symbol of life and abundance. Rodi is the symbol of a thriving small business. Most entrepreneurs start a business because they are seeking freedom and abundance. They want to pursue their passion, manage their time, serve their clients while making an income that will sustain their ideal lifestyle.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Us brainstorming about how Sophia could leverage her ideas to create a format that people could engage in.
  • How she could create a service that would be an easy barrier for entry so she could invite new people into her work.
  • What is next for Sophia in terms of visibility.