As you are listening to this, I will be literally hosting Day 2 of Pitch School Live, an event I have been long awaiting, and planning for.

 Last year at this time, I was forced to take this live in-person event to a virtual event. At that time I had no idea what was in store or what that would even look like,  but after acceptance and following my own teachings on the pillars of visibility, especially relationships and connection, this event was made to reach more and Rise!

In this episode we will dive into the power, the humility, and the privilege of hosting your own events.  I want to share with you my history of hosting and the different iterations that took in my business over the years, as well as share the struggles and fears I had to conquer in order to put myself out there to bring people together, as a host!

If you feel like this episode spoke to you- share with me. I'd love to connect!