Welcome to the new series The Strategy of Change Roundtables and Solocasts.  Where I am committed to bring you the realness!

Real conversations of the challenges of business ownership that no one is talking about.  And because they are not front and center, when we do face these challenges, we feel like there is something wrong with us and we’re in it all alone.

When businesses experience challenges, it is very personal when you are the business owner.

That’s what the series is all about, a series of real conversations on the gifts, challenges, expansions, and contractions.  Conversations about the change inside your business.

Today’s episode is about the gifts of contraction and the challenges of expansion.

I am  going to walk you through some of our takeaways from our roundtable conversation and why this topic is so near and dear to my heart

I am also going to give you the one strategy I recommend for dealing with your own personal and professional experience with contraction. What you can do on an inner level and on a tactical level to bring your business back to where it needs to be.

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