Welcome to the new series The Strategy of Change Roundtables and Solocasts brought to you by Empowered Publicity.  

Where I am committed to bring you the realness!

That’s what the series is all about, a series of real conversations about the challenges of business ownership

Conversations about the change inside your business.

Today’s episode is a solocast with my reflections on the previous roundtable conversation all about pivoting when you’ve plateaued and confronting what no longer works and finding a path forward.

In this conversation we talked with prolific business owners who have all experienced the need to shift and change. 

I’ll walk you through my recent realization that the need to shift and change is inevitable, how you need to expect that 

your passions,

your enthusiasms, 

your acumens,

are going to grow, expand and shift.

If this episode resonates with you or you feel that you’ve been slung out of a sling shot, flying without a net, or clinging to past - 

You and I have the opportunity to connect in a strategy gap session!

Go to https://amandaberlin.com/strategygap/ get on my calendar and we can have a free call to explore where you want to go, what obstacles you are experiencing and create that strategy road map you are seeking!