Today, I bring you an honest and insightful conversation about the unexpected journey to create my signature program with all the mistakes, evolutions, and triumphs I experienced along the way.  It is important for me to give you a "behind the scenes" view of what it took to launch this signature mastermind Pitch to Prominence program and the steps, throughout the years of my business, that lead me to offering this service.

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • The journey and story, through the last 10 years, of my business that moved into my signature offer
  • What it took to create this program to serve my client
  • The realization of what my expertise and the offer for my business was going to be and setting intentions on moving through the work associated with creating this offer.

There is still time! I invite YOU to join me for Pitch to Prominence ‘22, a mastermind/one-on-one hybrid based on the visibility framework I developed as a result of my 20 years in the PR/Marketing space, working with powerful women just like you! For more information on the Pitch to Prominence program, visit