Events are one of my favorite most visibility tactics and also one of the  primary visibility pillars that I work on with my clients! 

Events can come in many different shapes and forms.  Not all events have to be huge elaborate, high-end, in-person experiences!  I want to share with you all the many different things that qualify as an event, in my book, that market through experiences.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How events fit into the visibility framework that I work on with  my clients
  • Real-life examples of how I have used events in my business to connect to new people and build community
  • About different types of events to utilize in your business
  • How virtual events can be beneficial to your business and how farther your reach can be
  • About my upcoming events in 2022: Claim Your Voice Summit (Feb) and Pitch School Live Event (March)

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