As a former Procter & Gamble leader with 26 years’ experience leading technical teams to deliver multimillion-dollar projects, and introducing a leadership college she now is a Team and Leadership coach serving high performing business owners to find their dream team.

She recently joined the executive team of BizChix, a US based brand in California that serves thousands of female entrepreneurs around the globe to launch and scale their businesses.

As the Chief People Officer at BizChix she leads Masterminds, Strategy Sessions, VIP days and community for business women just like you. She’s also the host of the Stacking Your Team Podcast designed for people who are ready to to attract and nurture key talent who will contribute to your long term success.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Shelly talking about her passion and her work at BizChix
  • About Staffing and how to grow your business by growing your team
  • When is the right moment to join a team
  • Her challenges of being in business and being a soloprenor