Sarah Walton is a business mentor who’s been featured on The Today Show, speaks at women’s conferences all over the world and has helped hundreds of women start and grow businesses they LOVE.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Sarah spent her 15-year corporate career in New York City, navigating the male-dominated world of tech, managing a P&L worth hundreds of millions of dollars, working closely with Marianne Williamson, mentoring dozens of women, and balancing motherhood at the same time.

She’s the creator of The Money Mindset Course, an interactive course designed to transform our relationship to money and Sarah’s Business Accelerator, an online program for serious entrepreneurs. Sarah has become the go-to source of inspiration, kick-ass teaching and practical integration for women in business.

She’s created a successful business and now speaks across the nation, offering her courses and workshops, which are designed to put more money in the hands of more women.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Sarah’s incredible life story
  • How Sarah brings joy and passion into what she does
  • How she delivers her work to the world