Sara Lynn Brennan is an award-winning Entrepreneur, CEO and Principal Interior Designer at Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, the first and only full-service interior design firm in Waxhaw, North Carolina who specializes in Transitional Design.

She and her design-build team take spaces from Bare Bones to Beautiful by utilizing her exclusive, approachable and stress-free design process, transforming and renovating homes from start to finish. Sara’s design work has been nationally published multiple times in well-known publications such as HGTV, Romantic Homes, Traditional Home, Window Fashion Vision, and Cottages and Bungalows.

Sara is also recognized as a visionary and innovator in the design industry for her unique and signature design processes and packages which have led to a tremendous amount of fast growth for her own business, as well as teaching and coaching opportunities for her such as motivational speaking, serving on panel discussions, hosting local design shows and Sara is often invited to speak as a guest on top industry podcasts and webinars. Sara’s confident, unique and fearless approach to business and design make her an inspiration to those who work with and around her.

Sara is known for her recognizable “Romantic Transitional” design aesthetic, where she mixes soft and natural elements with timeless, Transitional style. She’s made it her mission to educate the world on the beauty of Transitional design so that more families live in homes that adapt to their lifestyle, function with their needs, and tell their personal story in the most beautiful way possible. Bottom line, Sara’s award-winning design team is not just about the pretty, they pride themselves in creating homes that families can really LIVE for years to come.

In this episode you will hear: 

  • How fearless media outreach helped Sarah find her voice and find the collaborators that proved to have great influence on new clients coming into her business
  • About collaborations, some quite unexpected
  • About actionable tips and insights that will help you feel like visibility can be more simple

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