Back to You, Back to Business


June 8-10

Florham Park, NJ

Are you ready to let go of the weight of the last two years, tap into your wisdom and intuition, chart a NEW vision for yourself and your work, and find a path on which you're excited to embark?

Come away with us...

Step away from the day to day

Reinvest in yourself

Reconnect with your purpose

Reconnect with your peers

Let's face it...


We've been sprinting a marathon for feels like as long as we can remember at this point...

It's time...

To stop.





Take NEW, INSPIRED action.

By the end of our retreat, you'll:

Have NEW inspired direction you'll be excited to pursue

Be deeply connected to NEW supportive colleagues and friends in business

Adopt an empowered new stance, literally, that will help you through times of doubt

Feel seen and appreciated for your insight and expertise

Have an active to-do list you're EXCITED to tackle

Have a new level of belief in yourself, your work, and the validity of your vision

Retreat with us and you'll

have the opportunity to reconnect with yourselfyour colleagues, your business, your purpose

So you can rise to the next level

Hi! I'm Amanda

I remember the first time I went on a retreat meant to support me in my business...

It was five years ago and I was lost. I was going through a lot personally (separation and divorce) and I knew my personal trials were BLOCKING me from growing my business. 

I needed to get out of my own way. 

I needed to be shown the way.

I needed to be told it was going to be okay.

I sat on the floor with perfect strangers...and cried.

I'd found support. 

I'd found community. 

I felt seen. 

I felt RELIEF. 

This retreat experience is created to hold you, to open you, to give you voice, to allow you to access the support of your peers, and to fully and completely surrender your day to day and step into something new, if even for two days.

To actually RETREAT.

In addition to coaching and consulting for the last 10 years in my own business, I'm a certified life coach and have been immersed in personal development for the better part of 20 years. 

I am holding space for you, creating a container in which you feel nourished and supported, and curating an experience that opens us all to guidance, both internal and from our community's collective wisdom.

If you’ve been feeling: 

Isolated, confused, searching for the new way you're meant to operate in this new world in your life and in business...

Over the all the trendy online "opportunities" to build community...

Ready to reconnect with your people, with yourself and our collective resourcefulness...

We want you in the room.

Here's what our retreat includes:

  • Evening Welcome and Centering Ritual: Let's connect, come together, and set our intentions for what this experience holds; opportunity for self-reflection, community connection, early to bed, or fireside chats
  • Morning Embodiment and Mindset Work: We'll create the conditions that will allow for a productive inspiring day ahead. Our first session will include mindset and practical tools and ideas to integrate into your work going forward
  • Hot seat reflection/feedback sessions: Every retreat participant will get to ask the group their burning question and get feedback, support, ideas, and tactical or strategic advice
  • Special expert-guided sound-healing session: A special evening activity low-key (no pun intended) evening activity that will soothe our bodies, minds and souls with a guided reflection to follow
  • Free time! Opportunity to make your time your own and give yourself what you need, whether it's a meditation, a workout, a swim, a quiet seat on the patio, or a coffee with a new friend or colleague
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner: All meals included
  • Upgraded Ticket includes **Special pre-retreat small group connection dinner, a post-retreat (45-minute) 1:1 visionary call with ME + welcome gift **

Includes small-group pre-retreat dinner, 1:1 Visionary Call + Welcome gift

About our location: 

The Archer is a boutique hotel located in Florham Park, New Jersey located just 25 minutes from Newark Airport and just under an hour from New York City. It offers a chic, industrial, creative vibe and has a fitness center, indoor pool, patios, outdoor fire pit and indoor fireplaces where you could meet a retreat friend for a coffee or drink. It also has plenty of nooks to grab a moment for yourself for personal contemplation. 

Yes, New Jersey!

And the campus on which our hotel is situated has rolling hills and quiet streets on which to take a stroll!
This is the perfect spot to get grounded in your vision and to leap from solid ground toward what you want.

NJ (can be) CHIC!
At least, my NJ! Our hotel is a gorgeously appointed NEW property with a boutique vibe with ALL THE TRAPPINGS of a high end experience, fitness room (with a PELOTON bike), indoor spa pool, outdoor patio and fire pit, indoor fire place, snack counter, and high end restaurant.
NJ is delicious!
Join us as a VIP and you're in for our kick off dinner at South+Pine, owned by a current season Top Chef contestant
(Don't worry, I'm making sure you're well-fed, no matter what, with carefully curated menu options for every meal we're together.)

Join us

What's the investment?


$2400 for upgraded ticket

includes small group pre-retreat dinner, 1:1 Visionary Call, + welcome gift

(you cover your travel and hotel room)

Room block rate: $215/night (book by May 18)

Includes small-group pre-retreat dinner, 1:1 Visionary Call + Welcome gift

“Amanda helped me get behind myself and be super confident in my new offer.”

Christine Miele, Yoga and Wellness Teacher

“Amanda showed me that I needed to make a decision about what I really wanted from my business going forward and identify what was holding me back. I completely shifted my business model after 2020 and Amanda was with me on that entire journey.”

Kristen Westcott, Strategic Copywriter, Business Consultant

“I love Amanda and it’s been so great to work with her. It was so validating and helpful to see my work through her eyes.”

Kym Zest, Fitness Coach and Wilderness Instructor

"Amanda is really great at SEEING and HEARING you and distilling down on what you need to work on and what you need."

Jordana Edelstein, Nutrition and Wellness Coach