I used to make massive collages. In my childhood bedroom, my collages bloomed like an azalea over two entire closet doors. I would sit on my mauve carpeting for hours snipping things from magazines: words that spoke to me, images of the life I wished I was living, photos I thought were cool.  I remember I had a picture of Jodi Watley taped up there, not because I knew her music but because I though she looked hot in that pic!


When I wrote my novel years ago and my character needed a hobby, I gave her my childhood passion.  And to ensure I was able to create accurate descriptions of what she was making, I sat down and collaged.  I bought pieces of oak-tag from Staples and got down to business making collages the way I imagined she would.  I was so much fun.


From building model trains to doing paint by number, we all had something we were really into when we were kids.  For some reason, along the way we either outgrew our interest or it became impractical, or inconvenient to continue pursuing this passion.


What was the thing you loved doing as a kid?


Here are a few reasons to get back into a childhood hobby.


You experience FLOW:  Flow as described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his seminal work by the same name is the experience of losing time because you’re so engaged in what you’re doing. Csikszentmihalyi found that people are most happy when they are in a state of flow, when they are so fully absorbed in what they are doing concerns like time and money are ignored.


It’s good for your relationship: Having something of your very own – something that brings you alive – is important when you share your life, and your space with someone else.  A hobby gives you something to share with your partner.  And your journey cultivating your passion or skill gives you something to talk about!


Feed your soul: There is something in each of us that wants to emerge.  We each have a need to be creative – to create something – whether it’s tangible or metaphysical.  Feeding your creative need will enable you to perform better at work.  Not everyone can pursue their passion during the workday, but setting aside a little time to devote to your hobby can make you more effective during the hours you’re doing what they are paying you the big bucks to get done.  It’ll also improve your mood and make you less resentful.  You’ll feel more in control of your day and you’ll feel nourished, spiritually.


What is the hobby you hope to resurrect? What will you do to bring the joy of it back into your life?