We are constantly striving.  In our effort to capture happiness, we rarely bask in contentment.  We’re always reaching for the next thing.  We have a list of to-dos that we think will get us ever-closer to our dreams.  The truth is, by letting go of our lists, by coming into the moment, and by resting in contentment is the only way to get closer to happiness.  Happiness is right now.  So we need to release our inner drill sergeants and stop “should-ing” all over ourselves.

When we are single-mindedly driven, we block ourselves from all the other opportunities that could come along that would also take us closer to our goals.  When we make plans, and struggle against self-imposed deadlines and demands, we neglect our intuition, which could lead us down an easier, happier path en-route to our destiny.

With all our lists and to-dos, we also risk losing sight of the real wellspring of our dreams.  Our dreams and goals are born of a passion.  And passion for an activity or skill makes us feel enthusiastic.  And it’s through this enthusiasm – this feeling – that we really achieve success, especially if we’ve committed to making happiness our goal.  When we apply deadlines and obligation, the pleasure we once found in our passion is all but lost.

To release the inner drill sergeant, we need to remind ourselves that everything will get done.  When we ease ourselves out of the frenzy, we can finally listen to our inner voice and find the path that’s right for us, individually.  Tasks that are done with love, sans panic bring better results anyway.  When our actions are infused with grasping or desperation, it’s evident.  Other people can read or feel that energy.  Our dreams would be better served if we just let go, and opened ourselves up to inspiration in any form in which it arrives.