So much of our action, or inaction, when it comes to our jobs, is motivated by fear. You might think you need your job because what the f%*# would you do without it. How would you afford the gym? Food? Pedicures? You might think you need your job because who would you be if you weren’t “the chick in the office who writes stuff?”  But there’s value in recognizing that you are just fine as you are.  When you let a title or a dollar amount that is or is not in your checking account to define your worth, you’re bankrupt.


If you’ve lost your identity to your work, or you’re living in fear or being let go, or you’re hoping to move on to something else (living in fear that you won’t be let go), the path to that freedom is through releasing your job with grace. Disentangle yourself from all the energetic ties that bind you to your current circumstance.  The way I released my job was by accepting and forgiving the people I worked with. And then pushing myself to be a better version of myself, one who wasn’t getting dragged down by my own demons in the workplace.


If you’re looking to feel more fulfilled in your career, if you’re looking to live with greater purpose in alignment with who you truly are, who do you need to forgive, in order to feel freer?  Who do you need to accept, in order to let go of resentment? Who do you need to be in order to feel good when you walk out the door? That’s the ticket. Release your job with love and gratitude, for its inspiring you to do this work thus enabling you to become who you are supposed to be.


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