Pitch to Prominence
Uplevel Your Impact,
Find Your Paradigm-Shifting Message,
Be Seen, Heard and Understood for Your Unique Genius To Grow Your Business

What would be possible if you had absolute clarity and confidence about what to say, how to say it, how to sell your services, and what to do to “put yourself out there” to inspire your next big client to work with you?  

Imagine Feeling:

Totally prepared and secure in your response when someone asks what you do

Seen and respected and sought out for your expertise -- people know your name

Recognized and appreciated for your unique work

Like you’re the go-to expert in your industry and truly standing out as the one who owns your niche

Completely confident in your sales conversations and when you state your price.

Connected and supported by other business owners...those who can introduce you to your next client.

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position you as a trusted authority, 

establish your credibility,

introduce you to new audiences,

help you bring in new [right] clients

and grow your business exponentially.

My promise to you…

I will be with you every step of this journey.

As you step into the spotlight, you might feel overwhelmed, not worthy, like an impostor, or a fraud. Your intellectual mind will know that this is what you are meant for, what you have been working for. But your emotional mind may try to sabotage your efforts and say, “Who do you think you are?”
You might think you have a handle on where to go and what to say. I will challenge your strategy in order to make it even stronger. I will introduce you to niches, ideas, and contacts you might not have thought about before.

It will be my honor to work alongside you to tell your story, share your genius in new, innovative ways, and raise awareness of you, your expertise, and all the work you can bring to those searching for someone just like you.

If you’ve been feeling super frustrated not being seen, if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying everything (ads, interviews, collaborations, virtual summits, promo pods, etc., etc., etc.), yet nothing seems to connect, if you have those fist-shaking moments seeing people in your space getting all the recognition (sometimes for the things you’ve been doing better and for far longer!), if you know you’re at the forefront of a MOVEMENT, but you feel stifled and muted because you’re not getting the attention you deserve, this work is for you.

I can help you!

Here's What We Cover:

  • Your Story and Messages: We will unlock the uniqueness of YOU...meaning your history, personal and professional, and the perspective you bring to your work.
  • Your Offers and Sales Conversations: You'll get clear on language that makes your offer un-pass-up-able! And you will learn an approach to sales that will lead to not only confidence, but ENTHUSIASM every time you get on the phone with a prospect.
  • Quick ROI Visibility:  Our visibility strategy begins with collaborations and alliances. We focus on your “natural market” for opportunities to build your client base and your connections.
  • In-Person and Virtual Opportunities to be Seen and Heard: We look at your speaking goals (whether you’re generating revenue from speaking or speaking as a marketing effort). We’ll also dive into your speaking topics -- based on the kinds of talks you’re proposing and delivering.
  • Achieve Expert and Thought-Leader Status: Our media outreach visibility effort will help determine the best places for you to be seen given your business/outreach goals. We’ll develop a media list specific to your industry.
  • Next Level Visibility: Together we will look at what the next level of visibility looks like for you and what you can do in the next phase to sustain and continue your up-levelling. We’ll look at what worked and what didn’t and what strategies will support your goals in the next year.



  • Kick-off In-Person Retreat
  • The retreat will be located in New Jersey
  • No additional costs to attend the retreat, you just pay for your hotel, flight and any extras along the way
  • Retreat includes a welcome, centering ritual, mindset and releasing work, business brainstorming and strategy, and other special event surprises


  • Monthly training calls with Amanda for your full group, including time with Amanda to get your burning questions answered
  •  Monthly Implementation group phone calls with our expert Accountability Coach who will assist each member to create and implement action items and set you up for success.
  • Bi-weekly, 2 per month, weekly office hours zoom calls with Amanda to discuss any goals, setbacks, brainstorm, and receive direct live feedback to implement the strategies and action items for the upcoming weeks ahead.
  • Planning session to set you up for visibility success in the coming year
  • Access to our private Slack channel to share wins, resources, and feedback


  • Private one-on-one strategy sessions with Amanda
  • Email support 
  • Document review [and edits!]
  • Support, strategy, conference, direction, review, and more from Amanda as you move through the mastermind 


  • Project plans for executing an event, webinar, community gathering, summit, etc.
  • Messaging brief document/folder in which all your communications materials reside for easy team access to help you hone and edit
  • Framework for developing your messaging
  • Scripts for successful sales conversations + mindset and negotiation tools
  • Scripts and email templates for engaging collaborators and strategic partners
  • Connections to collaborators, conference organizers, media whenever available
  • Templates for writing every kind of media pitch
  • Templates for writing a press release and your media bio, website about  + services pages
  • Template for developing your own media list
  • Access to our media lists with every type of media and contacts
  • Full access to the PITCH School: The Course, six lessons in creating a foundation for publicity, executing effective pitches, following-up and delivering stellar content and interviews
  • 12+ training videos for specific direction and walk-through for pitching every kind of media as well as content development
  • Guides in how to strategically talk about what you do, coming up with ideas the media will love, publicizing a launch, and more...
  • A Pitch Bank full of pitches to reference that have worked in all kinds of media

Join Pitch to Prominence: 

This is for you if...

You ready to enact a seismic shift in your business and your life in the next year. You've been operating your business by making all the choices you think are the best, given the information and resources you've had the time. And it's worked out (so-so)...You KNOW there is more for you to do. There is more that your business can do. You are done messing around.  You need someone to come in and point you in the right direction. You need more high-paying clients coming into the business more regularly! You have a small team, or maybe just a VA, and you need tactics that aren't going to COST a lot but are going to give you big impact on your effort. You're ready to tap into the momentum inherent in a stake-in-the-ground decision like this. You're ready to go all-in on YOU. You're ready to find your unique zone of service, claim your voice and your message, and feel undeniable confidence as you take big strategic moves to grow and scale your business. 

6 Month Journey to prominence
  • One-hour kick off call with Amanda
  • 3 - 30-minute one-on-one sessions with Amanda
  • + all mastermind benefits listed above

This is for you if...

You're clear on your area of expertise and the kind of business you are running (or want to run). Maybe you've just emerged from corporate. Maybe you've been cobbling it together as a freelancer. Now you're ready to make a move. Establish your brand, your offers, your voice. You're ready to get your feet under you with some high-paying clients coming in on a regular basis. Maybe this is the first big investment you're making in your business. (PS the first big investment I ever made in my business, I went all in for a year...<<<<<look over there). I get it.  We can test the waters. You can always continue. 

What's the investment?

$1,200/month, for 6 or 12 months
(pay in full: 10% discount)

“In a completely organic and collaborative way, Amanda fostered and guided me to breakthrough with a clearly articulated vision and message for my business—one that was abundantly inside me and clamouring for greater focus and execution. I gained greater confidence in purpose, a deeper sense of the “how” and the “why,” and the growing ability to articulate and surpass benchmarks.”

Carrie Owerko, Yoga & Movement Instructor

“Amanda showed me that I needed to make a decision about what I really wanted from my business going forward and identify what was holding me back from putting myself out there and getting visible. I completely shifted my business model after 2020 and Amanda was with me on that entire journey. I now have a new model that I am excited about and am on the right path to create my vision.”

Kristen Westcott, Kristen Westcott Media

“Amanda gave me the understanding of  the positioning needed to get onto TV and into print. With this understanding, I almost immediately got spots on two TV channels - one in a top market! would recommend Amanda to creative entrepreneurs, people who have worked in corporate and have decided to start their own business.”

Sue Monhait, Gift Biz Unwrapped

“Amanda helped me to become confident with charging my worth - and then some! She helped me understand that the visibility I need is not on Instagram, or in a magazine, but here in my local community with existing clients, realtors, and builders as my referral network. I have landed more robust client projects by giving more value upfront with prospective clients through the form of a free consultation.”

Campbell Minister, Decorated Interiors, LLC