Strategy Sessions

If you’ve been feeling like you’re searching in the dark  for solutions to be more visible, to build more awareness, to get known a bit more, and bring in more clients and revenue...

Let's have a CEO date!

Our Empowered Publicity Strategy Session is..

Business, Messaging, and Publicity Strategy Session

To Set You and Your Business on Course to Greater Visibility

Not being seen, after putting hours, weeks, months, YEARS, of work into your business is incredibly frustrating.

And when you’re not fully expressed, you end up feeling stifled, like you’re not accomplishing what you came here to do.

I can help you.


In our one-on-one Empowered Publicity Strategy Session we can talk about how to structure your business, how to generate more visibility, or even how to find some ways to generate revenue in a flash.


Topic we can cover include:

  • Figuring out what you have to say (your message)
  • Creating alliances and partnerships
  • Developing a sustainable and authentic content plan
  • Improving visibility
  • Booking interviews and scoring features
  • Finding a way to present your services so people want to work with you
  • Coming up with revenue-generating special projects
  • Finding a way to deal with the fear of being seen

It will be my honor to work alongside you to help you tell your story and raise awareness of you, your expertise, and all the value you can bring to those searching for someone just like you.

This is what the “strategy session” program looks like (four parts!):

  • Before our call, we send you a Strategy Session questionnaire that gives us background on you and your business and helps outline the topics you most want help with
  • We meet for one hour via Skype video (or audio if you prefer, either way, you receive a call recording following our meeting)
  • You receive materials (templates, content examples, etc.) that are relevant to your takeaways from the call
  • One 30-minute follow-up call (14-30 days later) to answer questions, offer support, or go over any actions taken

Results Include:

  • Clarity and direction for creating your message, increasing revenue, raising visibility and reaching the audiences who need you
  • Inspiring story ideas and talking points to help you engage with the people around you as well as introduce yourself to new audiences
  • My expert eyes and ears (and fresh perspective) on your business to provide new insights on what will resonate with your audiences
  • Direction on the types of media (and precise media outlets) that will help you achieve your goals of connecting with the right people and growing the business

Investing in yourself and your business can be scary, but it can save you so much wasted time and energy in the short- and long-term.

I guarantee you will feel energized, motivated and clear on the authentic direction you can take your communication and your business following our Empowered Publicity Strategy Session.


I can’t wait to work with you.


Fee: $796 (two payments of $398)

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