IMG_5676What happens to you when you hear the word: pitch.

Stomach in knots?

Cold sweat?

Quivering hands?

Could this because you have a misconception about what pitching entails and what it actually calls upon you to do?

You might believe that you have to be the most notable expert in your field with a massive following and the most unique insights and cutting edge research.

You might believe that you have to be part of the in-crowd, have special connections and back-office deals with editors.

You might believe that you have to have lots of clips showing you’ve already contributed tons of other places and a huge online platform that speaks without saying a word.

None of this is true.

These are the three big pitch myths.

Let me clue you in:

Myth #1: It’s All About You

It’s not about you. It’s about an idea. Come up with a winning idea. Spend most of your time laying out your idea, supporting your idea with interesting facts and providing unique insights. Spend less of your time trying to sell yourself.

Myth #2: You Have to Sell Yourself

You don’t have to sell yourself. You have to sell your idea. Noticing a theme here? The only context in which you have to sell yourself is by presenting the story of you and your business that makes you perfect to present your idea to the outlet’s audience. Facts speak louder than embellishments. Relevant details do all the selling you’ll ever need to do.

Myth #3: You Need Lots of Clips and Followers and a Solid Platform

This is a tricky you: how do I get the assignment if I don’t have the clips? How do I get the clips if I can’t get an assignment? Don’t get sucked into this trap. A good idea will always win. The right idea for the right outlet that communicates useful, relevant information to the audience that needs it…this is the formula for a winning pitch. Please do not let this myth hold you back. You can and should get out there with your idea, no matter where you are in your publicity journey. We need to hear from you!

Which of these myths has plagued you to date? How do you intend on turning it around? Let me know in the comments below.

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