The Pitch - Katie Stoltz (2)Katie Stoltz is the Founder and CEO of Venues & Vows, an online wedding venue marketplace offering picturesque venues in highly desired areas at attainable prices.  How? They use the sharing economy (think Uber and AirBnB) to identify venues that they pre-screen and validate. They have also partnered with farm and ranch owners to uncover spaces that are efficiently priced and gorgeously appointed.

When Katie had six friends getting married in the same year, she witnessed them struggling to find unique venues that reflected their personalities that weren’t completely unaffordable. After spending years working in consulting — solving big problems — and even doing stints in the Middle East, Katie turned her attention to and considerable smarts and creativity toward finding a new way for indie brides to book unique venues for weddings of all styles.

Listen to my conversation with Katie and learn about how she can take all different aspects of this wedding venue business and her personal story and create angles for special event and entrepreneurial press.

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