DSC_0138You might have noticed I haven’t posted an article or sent an email in two weeks. What happened? I don’t know.

Or maybe you didn’t notice. You get a thousand emails a day, more or less. If you’re anything like me, you probably scroll through just slowly enough so that they all are marked as “read.”

You probably didn’t notice, which is why I told myself it didn’t matter whether or not I started back up again.

But that story didn’t make me feel all that good.

That’s not how I roll. I don’t like the nagging feeling of knowing I should do something and then not doing it. In fact, I hate it. If there were a single word for that feeling (Regret? Close. Integrity, or lackthereof, maybe?), that would be my least favorite word.

The fact of the matter is me telling myself that you don’t read my emails is just an excuse. And possibly not even true. (I’m sorry for thinking that about you!) This excuse is the same as someone saying they don’t know if they should hit the gym because it’s been months since their last workout. It’s the same as saying there’s no point in eating well because we indulged a bit over the weekend.

Each moment is a new opportunity.

Pick up where you left off.

If you don’t — and I’m writing this to myself more than anyone — there’s no hope in moving forward.

Here are two reasons to get back on any wagon off which you might have fallen:

Shush up the should: If there’s something that you know you “should” be doing, do it. Not because you should do what everyone says you should do. But because once you do it, you free up so much energetic space you’ll be able to move on to other things and make bigger more courageous moves. Keep upping the ante.

Let us support you: Second, no one is going to say a thing about your “neglectfulness” when you climb back on. And if they do say anything, I guarantee that they will say something positive. Like, good job! Or I missed you!

The best tactic is to stay consistent, but if you can’t or won’t or don’t, it doesn’t mean you forfeit your opportunity to try again.

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