You didn’t make a deal with the devil. The other shoe isn’t going to drop. You weren’t born under a lucky star.

You’re not on a streak. You haven’t happened into anything. You aren’t living a charmed life. No more so than anyone else.

You aren’t lucky.

This was meant for you. You deserve it.

Everything is falling into place because this is as it should be.

What is meant for you cannot pass you. And good things are meant for you. They are meant for all of us.

We were not put here to suffer. We were put here to experience joy. Together.

We were put here to experience all of it, even if it hurts. And, when it smarts, like the time you lose your train ticket on the one day the Madrid transit authority come inspecting tickets, you were put here to learn from it. (Laugh it off. Then don’t sweat it because you’re going to leave the country in two weeks.)

We are lucky if we can bask in everything that comes our way. We are lucky if, even in the shitstorm, we can find time to laugh right before we find ourselves a big umbrella.

If we are lucky, when the apartment down the hall opens up just as you sold your apartment and were wishing you could stay in the building, you can actually enjoy it. Instead of worrying that your luck is about to run out.

It isn’t too good to be true. Good things are meant for you. And that’s the only truth.

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