Next Level Expert

A total plan for getting expert level visibility...that your team can implement!

So you can finally focus on reaching a new national audience and garnering the recognition you’re ready for!

Next Level Expert

Done-for-You PR System
  • A Unique-to-you expert-written pitch
  • Expert-curated media list for your exclusive use 
  • Media outreach Trello board expressly built to track each outreach
  • Specialized training for your team member who will own this initiative
  • Templates for making first contact, pitching, and following up

You are at a crossroads. 

You’ve worked really hard to get to this point in your business. 

You’ve worn all the hats. 

You’ve done all the things. 

You scrambled.

You scrapped.


You’ve surpassed 6-figures and beyond!

You deserve to celebrate how high you’ve reached and all you’ve accomplished.

Now you have a decision…

Do you stay where you are and coast?


Do you want the freedom and relief that come from KNOWING you’re getting
 the broad attention, recognition, and revenue you deserve at this next level?

If your answer is YES, I want to help make that happen.

Hi, I'm Amanda Berlin...

With more than 20 years in public relations, I’ve been helping passion-fueled business owners like you get seen, heard, and recognized by more of the right people. 

Don’t make the mistake so many business owners make of hiring a PR agency to try to get to the next level. 

To truly create the impact you want, you are better served by learning and training your team to keep this work in-house because:

  • YOU are the spokesperson your brand needs. 
  • YOU are the person with whom journalists, influencers, podcasters, should have a relationship. Not a third party PR person. 
  • YOU are RESOURCEFUL and want to learn how to consistently create Next Level Opportunities without endlessly paying outrageous fees to a PR firm
  • YOU are SAVVY and opposed to letting opportunities disappear once stop working with a PR agency

I’ve created NEXT LEVEL EXPERT, a Done-for-You PR System + Team Tools and Training to help you and your team do just that.

How would it feel to…

Speak on national stages and being highlighted as a major audience-attractor

Stand in a new level of certainty and watch your revenue double and triple with ease

Consistently secure multiple opportunities each month to be seen as the expert you are

Have a trusted system to develop genuine relationships with people who want to share you with their audiences

Without you, the business owner, doing all of the work to create these opportunities?

Next Level Expert 

The Done-for-You PR System + Team Tools and Training

is the solution you’ve been searching for

We’ll walk you through our Next Level Messaging process

I provide templates, lists, and training for your team on how to pitch, follow up,

and secure multiple and consistent opportunities.

This is the work that will create expert level visibility and recognition

and a strong client conversion system.

Here's what's included in Next Level Expert:

  • Next level Message Strategy Session
  • A Unique-to-you expert-written pitch 
  • Expert-curated media list for your exclusive use
  • Media outreach Trello board expressly built to track each outreach
  • Training for your team member who will own this initiative
  • Templates for making first contact, pitching, and following up

  • This system will give you the confidence you need to take outreach off your list

    and turn it over to your team.

    You will now be able to focus on delivering your message

    while your team generates high-quality visibility opportunities for you.

    Here's how it works:

    • We begin with our Next Level Messaging Assessment to discover what needs to uplevel in your current message
    • We will have our 30 minute Next Level Messaging Strategy Call
    • I will personally write your pitch
    • My team and I will curate your media list
    • You and your team receive the pitch, media list, tracker, outreach templates and accompanying video trainings
    • We will even have a 30 minute Next Level process debrief call to review and talk about next steps

    What's the investment?


    How would it feel to focus on simply SHOWING UP...

    in your client work and for your visibility opportunities
    knowing that the right opportunities have been lined up for you?

    This is for you if:

    • Feel a profound sense of ownership of your work and you are no longer willing to waste time trying to source opportunities to be seen
    • Are done settling for interviews or writing guest posts with zero ROI
    • Are experiencing a new readiness to take action and assume your place as a leader in your industry

    Know this, if you are absolutely dedicated to becoming a nationally recognized industry expert while doubling your bottom line, you must do things differently. 

    Everything you did to arrive at this pinnacle is done. Yet, there is further for you to go.

    Your business now needs you to focus on the two things ONLY you can do: 
    Client Work.

    And Visibility

    But let’s be clear, that doesn’t mean you spending all your time trying to figure out and garner opportunities for yourself.
    Your role is to hone your message and show up as the messenger for your brand. 

    You need someone else to line up opportunities for you.

    That someone needs to be ON YOUR TEAM,

    leveraging a PROVEN SYSTEM,


    and can position yourself as an EXPERT with CONNECTIONS that can

    GROW YOUR BUSINESS so you can effectively NEXT-LEVEL and…

    Book national speaking gigs

    Get featured in premiere media

    Get the book deal

    Develop the right relationships

    Exponentially grow your bottom line

    I spent more than 12 years in the NYC corporate agency world working with big brands,

    helping them be louder than their competition. 

    I’m an expert at translating complicated client messages 

    into language regular people can understand and relate to.

    I've spent more than 10 years working with business owners like you

    helping them communicate their mission and message to grown their businesses exponentially.

    I can write a pitch that you and your team will be proud to send. 

    And I can set your team up with everything they need

    to execute a media strategy that will move the needle on your authority, notability, and revenue.

    Next Level Expert is the way