It’s the New Year. You can practically smell it.

Did anyone else feel as I did that the New Year blew in with entirely new energy? That’s an odd realization for me because I hate New Years…it’s my least favorite day.

But, something is happening.

2018 is going to be big.

In this episode, I talk about how I rang in the new year with a content and media planning event, that almost went bust because of the “bomb cyclone” storm we had here in the Northeast.

I talk about:

The three pillars of planning — a very simple breakdown of how to plan, even for planning-challenged, like myself

The big WHY behind content creation and what it does to nurture and serve your existing audience

How media can help you break out of your word-of-mouth bubble

The one type of media you haven’t thought about that’s a really fun (and effective) addition to any publicity plan

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