Typically, we’re all about saying, “Yes!”

How are you going to move forward in your life, enjoy new experiences, meet new people, make connections, if you’re a “no” person?

We trot through our self-improved lives toting the motto, “Say ‘Yes’ to everything.” But is there ever a time to say no?

[Movie quote alert: That line I just wrote reminded me of this:
Anita Miller: He says that I’m a “Yes” person and you are trying to raise us in a “No” environment.
Elaine Miller: Well, clearly “No” is a word Darryl doesn’t hear much.
Can you name that quote?]

Now back to our regularly scheduled article:

I say ‘yes’ to saying ‘no,’ and not just to those emotional vampires or time-suckers. Not just to the people who get in your way or piss you off. Sometimes you have to say no to yourself!

If there’s a conversation in your mind that you know isn’t serving you, your business or the creative endeavor that’s waiting to be born of you, it’s time to say ‘no.’ Say no to the part of you that keeps bringing up that old story. It’s called discipline. But it’s not the slap-on-the-wrist discipline you might be thinking of.

We all know that the way we think and feel directly affects our output. So, the kind of discipline I’m advocating is the conscious exercise of power over our own minds.

So, how can you be more disciplined in your thinking to achieve a more peaceful day-to-day and better outcomes when you’re challenged? Which conversation are you ready to be done with? What are you willing to do to get over it? Will you commit to reminding yourself as many times as necessary, over and over and over again, that this is a story you need to drop?

Be kind to yourself. You can’t perform perfectly everyday. If this new form of mental discipline were like a diet, you couldn’t expect yourself to go vegan and raw from the onset, especially if you were chowing on carcass for 27 years.

The point is this: be gentle with yourself. Note moments when you can celebrate making good on your new habit. And give yourself a break when you hit up the metaphorical drive-thru window.

So share: what conversation are you willing to ditch? What has it held you back from doing all this time? What will you replace it with? Have you ever let go of something? What happened?

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