Welcome to The Strategy of Change Roundtables!  I’m so excited to have a team of prolific, savvy, and experienced business owners on our panel.

In today’s conversation we’re tackling the topic:  Need a New Crew: What happens when you’re not supported anymore, by team, colleagues or family. Rebuilding your sphere of influence.

This conversation features:

Amber Hawley, Licensed Therapist, Podcaster, Lifestyle Strategist, Speaker.

LeAnna Weller Smith, Executive Creative Director, Weller Smith Design.


We answer the challenging questions with unprecedented transparency. Questions like:


What has it felt like when a relationship wasn’t working for you in your business?

What strategies did you draw upon to release or learn from relationships that weren’t working in your business?

What gifts/positive nuggets did you receive as a result of releasing people/relationships that were no longer working for you?

What have been some of the challenges of growth, following the new path?

What would you tell the version of you that came BEFORE these challenges about how to see them through?

If you feel like:

Your business isn’t growing the way you want…

You are doing all the things but your business isn’t responding…

You feel frustrated because all your efforts aren’t resulting in the momentum you need…

You’re experiencing the strategy gap: the space between where you are now and where you know your business can go.

You’re not alone…

You and I can chat about how we’re getting you to the other side.

Offering you a free call to explore the gap:

  • We’ll talk about where you want to go
  • What obstacles you’re experiencing (they aren’t usually what you think they are)
  • And we’ll create a strategy roadmap to guide you toward the growth you’re seeking

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