The evil queen in Sleeping Beauty peered into the mirror and asked what was to come.  The mirror was her crystal ball, her view into the future.  She didn’t need to ask, though, and neither do we.  Our world is a mirror or our internal state.  In the case of the evil queen, it revealed to her, her deepest insecurities.  Snow White is the fairest of them all. 

Whether it feels like you’ve turned into a storm-chaser (your job is as volatile as a tornado, taking down your bookshelves and file cabinets while leaving the cubicle unscathed), or you feel like you’re not getting the love, respect, or honor you think you deserve in your personal relationships (why are you always the one getting picked on?), consider the fact that your external circumstances are a mirror for your inner state. 

On a very practical level, this is easy to prove.  If you walk into work thinking, this is going to be the day from hell.  It will be.  Call it mirroring or self-fulfilling prophecy, you will manifest that day from hell, if that’s the attitude with which you approach it.  Your perception will be tuned to that hell-channel.  And as things begin to head in that direction, you’ll be quick to remind yourself, that you knew it would go this way all along.  If you feel like you are always and will always be the butt of everyone’s jokes, the punching bag with a bull’s-eye displayed prominently on your back, you will always be a target…a victim.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Your every day, your every minute, is a function of your perception.  Negative stuff is so easy to believe.  And though proponents of positive thinking tell you that you can be, have and do anything you want if you just dream big enough, the reverse is also true.  You will perpetuate the pessimism in your life if you don’t use the kill-function on the well of negativity. 

If you don’t want to feel like a victim any longer, if you want to find joy in your everyday routine, you can accomplish this right now.  Commit to shifting your perspective.  Change your internal state – from surly to pleasant, or from victim to powerhouse.  This will change your external circumstances. 

Find an aspect of your work that you do like, and commit to really enjoy it. Give it your best. Find some time to do something you really love – something productive, not just playing Snood – during the day, even if you do it while still sitting at your desk.  If you feel like you’re getting the raw end of the deal in your relationship, look inside.  Give the person you’re with the love you want to receive. 

Because the world is a mirror of our internal state, genuinely give what you hope to receive.  If you want joy, give joy.  If you want wealth, give generously.  If you want success, support others’ success.  If you want love, offer love.