Mira Zaki is an intuitive photographer who studied commercial photography in college, much to the chagrin of her parents who didn’t see the value in her pursuit. 

She brings her creative, multi-cultural (her parents are Egyptian, she’s American) perspective to her photography of people, places and food…mmm. 

She’s on a mission to empower women through her body positive photo shoots…uniquely curated experiences and she does include retouching or Photoshop! There’s a secret in our interview as to her production process that makes retouching needless. 

Mira has had experience shooting for editorial publications like The New York Times, among others as well as for scores of commercial ventures. Now, she’s bringing her practice of intuitive photography to women business owners. 

In this episode, you will hear: 

  • How staying true to what you know is your purpose while facing push-back from the people around you…and how this is a kind of pitch!
  • How she’s constantly practicing her craft and spent hours figuring out how images she sees in magazines were set up from a photographic perspective
  • How understanding editorial lead time and reverse engineering content to anticipate the needs of the media you’re pitching (a really valuable take-away around midway through this interview)
  • How she helps quell the nerves of anxious photography subjects (and how she talked me into thinking of music in a way that doesn’t make me totally depressed)