These meditations and “love nuggets” are short posts that offer points for contemplation. Whether you’re about to sit in meditation or just need a shift, click on. Find a comfy spot. Breathe in the words and feel it wash over you.

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Emotional Freedom:

This is the fix for fear.

Remove whatever is blocking you.

It’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you. You always have the power to choose what you see.

No need to compare.

Gratitude for all that is. And welcoming more.

Heal the part inside the feels disconnected.

Be the love you want to feel.

The only way out is through.

Are you tuned in to the right conversation?

Acceptance. Try it.



To you, just as you are.

Need advice? Ask the expert within.

Do your thing. They don’t have to get it.

It’s about more than believing in yourself; it’s about believing.

Trusting your internal wisdom.

Using your imagination for good, instead of evil.

Your brilliance is in there. And it has been all along. Right in your own backyard.

Go for it. You’re ready.

The greatness you see in others is the greatness that exists in you.


Getting creative:

When the doing is done and it’s time to start allowing.

Create space for opportunities to find you.

Your dreams are meant for fulfillment. You didn’t think ’em up for nothing.

There is always opportunity to be inspired, if you choose to be.

Keep creating. All you need is within you now.

What is waiting to be born of you?

The answer is within you. Your job is to remove the clutter.

What you desire is not beyond you, it’s within you.