How you do anything is how you do everything?  In high school, during tennis practice, a not particularly good coach was perhaps onto something.  If she saw us slacking, she would tell us that we’d better get the lead out, because the way we practice is the way we’ll play.


If you let yourself slide into mediocrity in one area of your life, are the other areas sure to follow?  It’s possible.  If you hold yourself to a standard of excellence in all areas of your life, you’re living with integrity.  And why not aim for that?  Mastery is better than mediocrity.  And while you have control over every area of your life, which is to say slacking one area doesn’t necessarily guarantee that other areas will suffer, you’ll feel better about yourself if you do your best.


Is there an area of your life where you’re letting yourself get away with doing the bare minimum?  Could you kick it up a notch?  Perhaps you aren’t doing your best because you’re really not into the tasks.  Think of it this way.  Do it right, and do it right now and it’ll be over.  And you can wash your hands of it.  Master the task at hand, and you can move on.  Hating every second only serves to glue you to every miserable moment you’re stuck doing what you have to do.  Get ‘er done.  And do everything to the best of your ability.