Do you feel connected? Or isolated?

...unsure of your next step
...confused about your message
...uncertain about how to connect in this new reality

During these weird, pandemic, unconventional times you may feel -- at best -- limited by the options for connecting to your people and to people who could ultimately help you scale your business.

You have possibly “held yourself” back from outreach during these times because everyone seems overwhelmed and everything is too complex.

Maybe you’ve even told yourself recently that there are no opportunities out there for you right now.

There is MORE out there for you. Right now.
You are here because even though it's scary...

and even though you "don't know how..."

You are READY to show up.

I'm here to tell you that there are people who are WAITING for you to reach out.
Let me be your guide.

-- introducing --

CONNECTFest Mastermind:

The Definitive Path to Making New Relationships That Will Impact Your Business over the Near and Long Term

Here's why I know I can help you...

In March 2020, because of the global pandemic and the extraordinary impact it had on my region, I had to cancel a huge event I was hosting that was to be the catalyst for the whole second half of my year. 

I needed to pivot HARD in that moment and figure out how I could replicate the "visibility" I would get from my event. My revenue in March was 1/4 (!!!) what my January and February revenues were.

So I was kind of like "Oh...kaaaay....let do this." 

I REALLY leaned into my relationships and did webinars, Facebook lives, trainings, interviews, and more with people who have big communities and with whom I've cultivated relationships over the last 8 years

Now, collaborations and alliances are a big part of how I teach my clients to become more visible.

It was during this time of corona that I leveraged that pillar of visibility more than I ever have. 

I was able to recover my revenue by the time we made it through July.

This mastermind is all about focusing on RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING and using your connections to grow your business. 

I have legit PROOF this works to improve your bottom line in as little as a few months.

Are you ready? 

This is for you  if you know you have something that will impact people’s lives, but not enough people know about you.

This is for you if you know you need to grow your network in order to grow your business, but you just don’t know where to begin.

This is for you if you can’t figure out how to meet new people, talk compellingly about your work, and really connect in a meaningful way that will support your business.

This is for you if you feel isolated and even a bit misunderstood (perhaps even by people who "know you") for what you do for clients and how your work and transform their lives.

This is for you when you're beginning to realize that new business relationships will help grow your business but you constantly feel like you’re “on the outside.”

Join us in this mastermind today.

Join this intimate mastermind community for $197 per/mo (for 6 months) or $997 one payment.

Here’s what it looks inside our mastermind community:

When you join our CONNECTFest Mastermind, you’ll become connected to a group of like minded business women who believe in collaboration over competition

You’ll have the opportunity to receive insight, outside perspective, brainstorms, and referrals from other women in the group. 

You’ll get actionable tips and implementable tactics that helped my business actually THRIVE during this COVID era, all based on relationships, collaborations and alliances. 

You’ll get month-by-month themes that enable you to take focused action that will move your business forward, instead of trying to do “all the things” and hoping for the best. 

You’ll receive deep dive insight and action steps to implement the most effective of the visibility pillars I teach, COLLABORATIONS and ALLIANCES --  which are the most effective tactics in bringing revenue into your business in the short term [and you’ll reach the long-term benefits too]. 


Results achieved as part of this Mastermind:

  • You'll become more connected to more people who can impact your business
  • You'll feel better-understood by people already in your network (so they can refer you confidently)
  • You'll feel supported by a network of people who believe in your work (within the Mastermind, and more importantly, outside in the "real world.")
  • You'll learn how to confidently ask for conversations and new connections
  • You'll see opportunities materialize you didn't even ask for
  • You'll learn how to leverage your connections to bring in new business and create opportunities to make NEW connections

This is not for you if you prefer to “go it alone.”

Let us guide and champion you on your journey to increased visibility. 

Ready to take action & create the connection you crave with my expert guidance? 

Join this intimate mastermind community for $197 per/mo (for 6 months) or $997 one payment.

Here’s some more deets for you:

This mastermind is your pathway to connections for the next six months (October - April). 

Here’s how we are taking action together each month:

  • Week 1 - Learn & Implement Together

  • Week 2 - Mastermind to Accelerate Your Potential 

  • Week 3 - Up-Level your Growth with Specific Actions From Amanda

  • Week 4 - Get It Done Together With Accountability

You’ll get access to:

  • Monthly group calls 

  • PLUS 2 BONUS Training calls 

  • Exclusive Slack Channel

  • My exert guidance and intimate connections

  • Access to my team to answer your questions during your journey

THIS is Your The Definitive Path to Making New Relationships That Will Impact Your Business over the Near and Long Term.

Don’t wait! Now is the time to build your virtual rolodex and connect with like-minded business owners who are ready to do more than just "exist."

If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, then I invite you to become part of the ConnectFest Mastermind community.

This unique mastermind will be the catalyst that changes everything for your business.

Join this intimate mastermind community for $197 per/mo (for 6 months) or $997 one payment.

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