Mary Beth’s mission is to minimize the suffering and prevent someone from experiencing added pain and struggle during already difficult times.

Her own painful experience inspired her to want to help others create a plan that gives peace of mind.  She wants to help you teach those who depend on you so that they are prepared. It’s never too soon to ensure they are ready to step-in during any emergency.

Mary Beth was preparing to retire from her corporate career when one of her closest friends was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While she was battling for her life, she asked Mary Beth to help her husband with the finances if she didn’t survive. She asked her to show her what she needed to know, but that never happened. She passed away, and Mary Beth had to create a plan from scratch, then figure out how to implement it to help her friends grieving husband.

This why she created Niche Partnership Consulting (NPC). Her unique methodology prepares clients’ second-in-command to implement the complex processes, policies, and paperwork that have become second nature for her clients.

In this episode, you will here:

  • About the heartbreaking experience that led Mary Beth to create the business that she’s running today in her retirement
  • How Mary Beth outwit her fear and took the stage of her own making to bring an educational experience to prospective clients, which continues to pay off to this day
  • Us brainstorm how she can leverage that success into permeating deeper niches with her work, so that she can go industry by industry and cultivate an audience for contingency planning and support her growth into offering new group programs

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