Business slowed?

Confidence contracted? 

We can revive your pipeline and renew your confidence in your ability to rebound...

tactics you can activate in the next 90 days.

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Learn the Six-Week Roadmap for Reviving Your Client Pipeline So You Can 

Add 3-5 New High Ticket Clients to Your Roster in 90 Days

In this class, you’ll learn: 

The repeatable 4-part method for engaging an audience that seems like it's started to ignore you

The essential language shifts for how you talk about what you do that activate psychological cues to create positive momentum in your pipeline

The single most-powerful to-do you're not doing (right or well or consistently enough) that makes every difference in your bottom line

The one single proactive action to take to secure your next several clients

Hi, I'm Amanda Berlin...

For the last 11+ years, I've been working with solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses on marketing and business development. 

Over the last year, on more than one occasion, I was hired by a consultant or coach...or even a small come in and consult because they just had the heartbreaking experience of having a major contraction in their business or they couldn't fill a training after years of an upward trajectory.

I started to notice a theme. Let me know if this sounds familiar. 

It got harder to get clients. Programs became harder to fill. And you (these clients of mine) need results...NOW.

The work I did with my clients turned things around...and fast. 

I'm taking these common sense, grass roots, systematic tactics and strategies we employed and creating a system for you so we can work together inside the CLIENT SURGE TACTICS Free Virtual Masterclass so that in the remaining six weeks of the year you can add 3-5 new high ticket clients to your roster. 

Are you in? 

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Client Surge Strategies

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How would it FEEL to be confident your new STRATEGY works? 

I can help you cultivate that confidence, through the foundational roadmap and strategies you’ll learn in the masterclass.

You’ll walk away:

  • Knowing EXACTLY what to do first to revive your pipeline
  • Knowing EXACTLY what to SAY to your audience that feels so distant right now
  • Discerning EXACTLY which tactics to employ so the people WHO NEED YOU can find you

Join me November 8 for a FREE masterclass in getting out there with the right method to revive your business and your enthusiasm!

Success Stories:

A training outfit that launched 13 successful rounds of their training postponed a training in April because they had three enrollments. They hired me, we employed a holistic, grass roots, ORGANIZED strategy and by August they had 19 people enrolled and they commenced their 14th round of training.

A solo-entrepreneur who had a really engaged social following but a not-so-engaged or growing email list brought me in and within six weeks we'd added seven people to their high-ticket program resulting in $56K in revenue

These strategies helped a client launch a consulting business as a fractional executive two years ago. To date, they have grown their business to mid-six-figures still using the same strategies, channeling these principles in their marketing to this day. 

These are time-tested. 

NOT the latest marketing trend.

Learn these strategies and you have a sustainable system to support you over the lifetime of your business.

Join me for the Client Surge Strategies

The Six-Week Roadmap for Reviving Your Client Pipeline So You Can 

Add 3-5 New High Ticket Clients to Your Roster in 90 Days


As your business slowed or contracted, so did your confidence?

I've been there, myself, AND with scores of clients. We CAN right the ship. 

You can feel confident again!

You can feel enthusiastic again!

You can fall back in love with your business!

No more: 

  • Worrying about whether all your efforts are going to yield the result you NEED 
  • Fear around income ups and downs
  • Lack mentality or feeling out of control
  • Feeling sad because “it’s not working out for you” 
  • Dealing with frustration because you KNOW you have something so important that can help people -- but you've lost your mojo and they aren't listening!

Client Surge Strategies

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Don’t put off learning how to make more money in your business in the short term.

Now is the time to be decisive and take action.
Join me so you can revive your pipeline now.

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