Lisa Hesse is a national board certified professional health and wellness coach and yoga instructor. Her main purpose is to help her clients achieve their health and wellness dreams and create sustainable, positive and strength-based super powers of joyful living. 

Lisa believes that our wellbeing relies on the connection between our physical and emotional selves and that many of us live in our heads, many of us live in our bodies; when we integrate the two our possibilities are endless.

In this episode, you will here:

  • Lisa talks about a transformative moment at age 17 when she first learned that you could actually be an exercise scientist
  • About the things that I’ve pulled out of Lisa’s story that she previously thought were simply a matter of fact and that I found extremely powerful validators of her work
  • About the next steps in visibility Lisa’s going to take to get herself out there and create more personal connections to drive more of the right clients into her work

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