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There are people out there who need you,

and it’s up to you to raise your voice

so they can find you.

If you've built it, but they haven't come...

If you're frustrated because you're not sure where to START to get seen for who you are and what you can do...

If you're DONE rattling cages trying to make your people -- any people aware of your product or service...

If you're filled with uncertainty because you're never sure you're "doing it right" when you reach out to podcasters, journalists, editors, or producers...

If anxiety hits you full-force and you tremble when you're about to hit send on an email that will connect you with someone you really admire...

If you're ready to uplevel and be seen for the true frickin' rockstar that you are...

I can help you!

Let's collaborate:

In this call we will:

    • Create your big goals and vision for the next six months
    • Discover where your hidden obstacles may lie (they aren't usually what you think)
    • Determine some of your unique opportunities
    • Map out next steps for your publicity blueprint so you can take pride in your platform


As a result of Amanda’s training, I was able to guest post on HuffPost and Wake Up World. I had no idea where to start writing good pitches. Working with Amanda helped me.

Relationship Coach

The support I received from Amanda was astonishing.

Diane Diaz

If you're thinking about working with Amanda, run, don't walk.

Co-Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, Flourish and Thrive Academy

“Amanda Berlin is amazing when it comes to teaching you how to write these materials. She has such vast experience, yet manages to teach it in an understandable way.”

LCSW, Mind-Body Coach for Moms

There are people out there who need you...

It's up to you to raise your voice so they can find you!​

About Amanda Berlin:

After more than a decade in the New York City public relations world, Amanda Berlin now uses her pitch powers for good. She helps entrepreneurs pitch themselves to the media and get coverage that grows their businesses. Amanda believes that we all have something important we're putting out there into the world and it's our responsibility to raise our voices so the people who need us can find us. Amanda is the creator of PITCH School and serves as mentor in the online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to become publicists for their own brands, pitching interviews, guest posts, and product placements. She is also the host of The PITCH Podcast, where she strategizes with entrepreneurs on their next media pitch and speaks to journalists, news, and podcast producers on how to effectively pitch in their medium.