Kimberley O’Brien is one of Australia’s most trusted and recognized Child Psychologists with a knack for solving problems from a child’s perspective. She co-founded Quirky Kid in 2008.

With 22 years’ experience working in clinics and classrooms, Kimberley is an expert in child development, pediatric mental health.

Kimberley has a Ph.D. and is the author of Quirky Kid’s award-winning educational resource, The Best of Friends.

She enjoys an active role in the Australian media and has recently launched “Impressive”, a podcast for purpose-driven parents!

In this podcast you will hear:

  • Us talking about how to get Kimberly and her team in front of the right people, to enable them to bring those resources to bear for those organizations
  • About the things that have worked in the past, new ways to leverage existing relationships
  • How to get their work in front of people who will make the decision to invest with them further

You can find Kimberley here: