Jennifer, aka as Dr. Jpop,  is a pediatric physical therapist who was inspired by a family member to pursue this career.

Jennifer was introduced to physical therapy by her youngest cousin Devon, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was a toddler. Devon was a great representation of some of the kids she would encounter later in life. He actually gave one of his therapists the nickname “Queen of Darkness”. His wit, strength and tenacity inspired her to want to help kids like him reach their highest potential. Here she is, almost 16 years later and it was one of the best decisions she has made. 

Jennifer has endured countless tears, being peed on, kicked in the face by a prosthetic leg, run over a by a wheelchair, shins rammed by a gait trainer, stabbed with a Lofstrand crutch, preteen attitudes, questioning what the heck is on her pants at the end of the day, a few “No, I don’t want to’”s , and maybe even a temper tantrum or 10. But honestly, all she ever remembers are the smiles and proud faces when these very same kiddos try something new on their own, reach a goal, and realize just how strong and capable they are.

Jennifer earned her Doctorate at Loma Linda University and has been practicing physical therapy for more than thirteen years. All of this isn’t what matters most to her.  What matters most is her passion for helping build up strong children, no matter their level of ability.

In this episode, you will here:

  • About how the thing you are meant to do can become the theme that underlies every single thing you ever undertake
  • What drove Jennifer to seek out pediatrics as her course of study of influence and of service
  • About how what she has witnessed and experienced in her own life in the way of inclusivity, access, opportunity and mentorship have contributed to her stepping forward to create a space for all of us to become better and more effective allies

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