Jean Bromage is the founder of Reiki Essence Healing Arts. She is a Reiki Master Teacher as well as a certified Medical Reiki Master, qualified to be present during surgery to offer Reiki to the patient. Jean also is the creatrix of Reiki Essence Candles, a line of candles infused with the healing light of Reiki.

Reiki Essence Healing Arts is a wellness practice centered on the belief that you can free yourself from old patterns and disempowering entanglements by reconnecting to your essence through energy work and other healing modalities.

In this episode, you will here:

  • About Jean’s compelling story of personal healing that led her to do the work that she’s doing today
  • How she’s cultivated an enthusiastic loyal and consistent stream of clients, students and community by consistently hosting events, providing opportunities for her community to engage with her and experience healing and by utilizing traditional platforms that we may have before now overlooked or dismissed
  • Us brainstorming about Jean’s upcoming workshop

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