It was high counsel I once heard given to a young person, ‘Always do what you are afraid to do.’ -Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we’re afraid, isn’t that the body and mind’s prompt to us to retreat?  Run away! Hide! Isn’t that an evolutionary cue?

If we’re feeling fear, it means there’s a lot at stake.  Perhaps we’re opening ourselves up for rejection.  Perhaps we could lose money, respect, social standing, a job.  Perhaps…perhaps we have no idea what will happen.  That’s scary, too!

It’s so easy to conjure images of our painful demise.  It’s so easy to see the worst-case scenario.  It’s so easy to let fear take over and paralyze us.

But, consider that with every risk there is a possibility of greatness!

And if the fear is so great that you can’t see past it to envision the greatness that could follow; if you’re too busy focusing on the wackness and are blinded to the dopeness that could just as easily (just as easily!) be on the horizon, consider the concept of integrity.

Every thought is an intention.  So if you think it, you can consider it a declaration.  Even if you don’t tell anyone your thoughts or intentions, something deep inside you will hold you accountable.  If you never act on your desires and intentions, you’ll be betraying that part of you deep down inside that’s attached to your dreams. Feeling fear and doing it anyway can eliminate regret.  You’ll have fewer “what ifs” clogging up your mind.

To do your best to ensure you’re not taking wild risks, tune in. In those places where the darkness, the fear, resides – turn on a light.  Organize your thoughts – fears and desires – in writing.  Get really clear about where you want to be.  And listen to your gut.  Your intuition will offer up a path you’re comfortable with.  You might even get excited about taking the next right action.  The fear will dissipate.  It takes work.  The fear-fighting muscles are ones you can build.  You can start small.  Face a fear just a little.  Take a small step.  Do what you are afraid to do even if only for a minute.

There’s a dreamer in each of us, even the most cynical among us.  Honor the dreamer.  Do what you are afraid to do.