A while back a friend of mine gave me a suggestion for a project she thought I’d do great with.  She gave me the genre.  She gave me the topic.  I took it and ran.  When I finished that novel, I kept going.  I started another project.  Then another.  They all remain unpublished.

Until then, all I had written was memoir, sharing my personal experience…I wrote about family, friends, my childhood and my terrible body image during my teen years.  I wrote a blog that had many followers and received many comments.  Then I switched gears.

Well, recently, as I was working on my third novel, trying to fulfill a ridiculous word count I gave myself to complete before the weekend was out, a new idea popped into my head.  I tried to muscle through, ignoring the catchy new title and the concept that was singing through my head, but I couldn’t.

In this audio blog, I talk about how I realized what I am meant to do…and the stories I am meant to tell.

I am going for it.

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