What are your limiting beliefs?  What are you doing to combat them?

We have more than 60,000 thoughts in a given day; most of them are repeated and most are negative.  We’ve been programmed by our past experiences. So that thing that happened way back in elementary school, as much as we’d hate to admit it, that thing is still playing itself over and over again in our daily lives.

What’s worse is that we’ve convinced ourselves that those limiting beliefs are true.  And we’ve probably collected years-worth of evidence proving as much.

So how can we grab hold of these negative beliefs and remove them for good?

First, admit to yourself that your limiting beliefs are not true. They are not fact. They are interpretation.  If your belief is only partially true, then it’s partially false.  And any part false is false.  The truth does not exist in various shades.  So, go ahead, jot down that belief and admit it’s not true.  Scoff at it if you must.

Search for evidence in your own life for instances when you’ve defied that belief yourself.  If your belief is that you don’t have discipline because you were once criticized by a sporting coach, find an area of your life (your commitment to the gym, your commitment to eating well, your commitment to getting to work on time…there’s more there), where you have exhibited discipline in the past.  Prove your limiting belief wrong.

Search for examples in others.  If it’s possible for someone it’s possible for anyone.  If you’ve always admired your friend for getting her novel published or nabbing her dream job, but your admiration has been tinged with jealousy, remember that there is no limit to success in this world.  It’s not like she filled the last slot available for success and happiness and now those things are off limit to you.  Live in love and celebrate her triumph.  And know that if you dispose of your limiting beliefs those successes are available to you as well.