“Much of our driven pace and habitual controlling in daily life does not serve surviving, and certainly not thriving.                –     Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance


I read this on the subway this morning.  And I knew that it was time.  My “driven pace” would have me frustrated that more things aren’t happening sooner.  My “habitual controlling” leads me to tense up and try to grab hold of the reigns when I really should be letting go.  So I let go…

But I’m really excited.  And I’ve decided that it’s time to thrive.  I am launching a webzine.  For weeks, I’ve been over at The Thrivivalist writing away.

I realized there is no word like survivalist to describe someone who is going beyond surviving to a state of thriving everyday.  This effort needs to be celebrated.  So I coined a phrase and am launching a site. 

Thrivivalist: (n) thri-vie-vuhl-ist, one who lives in a state of thriving, living life with fervor, with love, and with integrity, minute by minute, not only during times of adversity. Are you a thrivivalist?

I am ready to commit to thriving everyday.  I hope you are, too! The site will feature a daily article to support our efforts to thrive.  Comment and add your insight! Visit the “Forum” tab for a link to the social network, The Thrivivalists.  Set up a profile, invite friends, check out some of the forum topics and join the conversation.  It’s just like Facebook, but you won’t feel disgusted with yourself after fifteen minutes.

I invite you to join me. Get excited to thrive.  Become a thrivivalist.   Can’t wait to see you there.