I haven’t posted in a while, so here is a collection of good thoughts that have helped me in the weeks since I last posted.

Last week I received a postcard – really a work of inspired art created by Erin Stutland – at an intenSati class that I attended. It says “I love my life,” floating in brilliant yellow over other affirmations in the background. I bought fun tack (haha, fun tack!!!) at Duane Reade and I hung the postcard on my mirror. The very next night, it inspired me. I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear to a party.  I felt inadequate, unfashionable, fat and ugly. Bad, bad, worse, and worst. I looked at the postcard and asked myself, “How would someone who loved her life be acting now?” I answered, “She would go out. She would smile. She would be outgoing. She would say hi to everyone. She would just plain, have a good time, in spite of her early self-confidence slip.” That’s exactly what I did. And I had a great time. It reminded me that I can not only love my life, but that I can switch my thinking simply by “acting as if…”

I’ve since gathered a few other affirmations. And I’ve written them under the postcard with a dry erase marker. These were mostly nuggets plucked from other intenSati classes. Here they are and what they do for me:

“I choose power, why not?” I have a nasty habit of giving away my power. I don’t always say what’s on my mind. I am not always assertive. Even in the most mundane, I find myself saying “Why me?” Like all that happens to me is completely out of my control. I have no power over my circumstances. Really? It’s possible I’m afraid that my asserting my power, I’ll offend someone. Or my desires won’t be in line with everyone else’s and we’ll have to have a “talk.” But choosing to duck under the wave sets off an entirely different chain of events. I think I am avoiding confrontation, but when I surrender power, it only serves to make me more frustrated and, in turn, angry and resentful. No one has the kind of control over my life that I have. As He-Man said, “I have the power.”

I honor my desire.” I have a few things in mind for myself. I have plans. And dreams. And I going for them. This affirmation asserts I am willing to do what needs to get done in service of my plans. I do what I need to get done to get there. And when I have to make a choice, I choose to honor my desire – do something in service of my goal. Rather than slacking off or indulging in excuses.

“I surrender to my natural state, which is goodness.” I don’t have to keep such a tight lid on my thoughts, words and actions. When I am honest, when I act from a genuine place, everything will be okay. Because my intentions are good. I am a good person.

I never really thought I’d be the sort of “write on the mirror with lipstick” person. But carefully chosen, a mantra or two can help redirect your thoughts and get you in a better, more productive, frame of mind.