How you see the world is up to you.  How you see yourself and your circumstances is up to you as well.  Feel free to launch into excuses – the economy sucks, find reasons to stop trying to fulfill your dream because the field of work you want to be in is hard to break into, make up reasons why you’re not in a relationship because there are no available single people in your area.  Feel free to choose to see your world that way.  You’re free to make up these images.  But remember, what you believe will become your reality.

Change your perceptions and you’ll project a better situation into your life.  Your outcomes might be better if you chose to look at your world differently.

Does anyone do what you want to do?  Find someone who does.  Pick their brain.  Learn how they did it.  And use them as evidence that it can be done.  It can be done by you, too.

Take a good hard look at your dreams.  Feel like you could give up at any moment.  The minute you stop trying could be the moment before you break through.  Keep going.  Some say you wouldn’t be able to imagine a goal you wouldn’t be able to fulfill.  Take one step.

Don’t listen to the people who tell you how hard it’s going to be, or that you’d better be careful, or that it will never work out.  My mentor Gabrielle Bernstein once offered the following analogy:  When someone confronts you with negativity, even your own, you can simply reply that you are a “loveitarian.” Just as a vegetarian would reply “no thank you” if someone just slapped a huge piece of meat on her plate, you can simply choose not to partake in the negativity.  You don’t consume it.  You don’t take it in.  Thank you for your concern, but I won’t go hungry if I don’t gobble up your nonsense.

Writing prompt:

What do you believe?

Start taking notes on the things you know for sure.  For which beliefs do you have evidence?  For which do you rely on faith?  Which beliefs are yours because of someone else’s influence?  Do you agree with them?  Or can you challenge something someone has told you to come up with a new belief?  Make a list of the things you know for sure.  This I believe…