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Lessons learned from lip balm.

I have a collection of free lip balms. From the dentist, from my mom’s junk drawer (yes, seriously) from the Gay Pride Parade. They all work. Yet, they aren’t my favorite. (Though, my big gay lip balm is pretty good.)

Still, my favorite is a tin of Rosebud Salve that lives on my night table. I apply it before bed every evening.

I was walking the other day along Central Park West with the baby in her carrier. I didn’t bring a bag so everything I could possibly need was tucked inside the tiny pocket behind the baby’s back. Everything but any one of four lip balm I have floating around. It was then, on my way to the Time Warner Center, that I decided I would stock up on Rosebud Salve. Why should I have to compromise on lip balm of all things?

Just get a couple tins and then you’re set. No compromising. You’ve got the good stuff on hand. And you’ll have a little happy moment every time you apply your special lip balm.

I realized that this stake in the ground had some clear lessons to offer on spending when it comes to anything, especially your business. Here’s what I learned about how to know when to invest in your business from this discourse on lip balm:

Don’t question your needs: Get to know that surge of energy that is your intuition. When you feel that pull, don’t question it. Let it guide you. Tweet that!

Spend extra on things that will really energize you: So much of your business success is based on the kind of energy you put out there. When you’re jazzed about something you learned, or a new utility you just incorporated, your community and potential customers will feel it.

Spend on the right products: How many times have you gone in search of something and ended up plunking down your credit card for something that just wasn’t quite right. If you’re fortunate to know what works, don’t hesitate to snatch it up, in bulk!

You either get what you’re given, or you make the effort and investment in getting what’s right for you. Exactly right.

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