IMG_4571I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while now. Ever since the WNYC iPhone app went live, in fact, nearly a year ago. I am the geekiest public radio fan and a proud member of my local station so when they came out with this app, I was pumped.

That is was so insanely perfect for their unique consumer made the marketer in me almost weepy.

The WNYC Discover app includes a feature wherein you choose the kinds of topics on which you want stories and it curates a playlist for you that you can — and here’s the kicker — listen to OFFLINE. For someone who streams audio to her phone, this was a windfall.

This essential feature would not be necessary for public radio junkies in, say, Los Angeles. Listeners who ride in their cars to work every day.

But, it is perfect for WNYC listeners who spend the bulk of their in-transit listening time UNDERGROUND where, as of now, connectivity is spotty, at best.

It might be because I am such a huge public radio fan, but I thought this was a perfect illustration of creating something that serves the unique needs of your client. And, then, as the client, I got to experience the enthusiasm and the recognition when that unique need was creatively met.

So, how can you start to better understand your client to serve them information and products that they will get excited about — as excited as I am when faced with a new public-radio-centric tool.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is your client’s biggest challenge?
  • What would his or her dream solution be if they were pie-in-the-skying, dreaming about it over a beer with friends?
  • What is the most unique thing about your client that distinguishes her from any one of your competitor’s clients?

You can see how the WNYC Discover app answers each of these.

The consumer’s biggest challenge? The desire to be informed but living a life that’s largely on-the-go

Pie-in-the-Sky Dream Solution? Content curated specifically for her delivered directly to her by way of smart drone no matter where she is and regardless of her connectivity status

Most unique thing about her? Unlike most of the country, doesn’t have 4G/LTE or WiFi 100% of the time.

What will you learn about your ideal client when you consider these questions that you hadn’t already known before? What will you do with that information? Tell me in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear from you — and maybe be the beneficiary of your brilliance!