Where do you stand?


How Determining Your Stand Can Extract You from Drama in Two Seconds


Where do you stand when the s— hits the fan? When someone gets all up in your grill and is all, “Maybe it won’t work out, and then what? Where will you go, what will you do, who will you turn to? It can’t always work out. Maybe you’re in the percentage that ends up homeless on the street with a tire for a pillow, a grocery cart for a closet, and a cardboard box for your baby’s basinet.” When someone infiltrates your cone of zen and starts peddling fear, where do you go?


The way I see it, we have two choices.


Choice number 1: Get hooked and go down with the ship. They say a drowning person is so panicked that they actually make it really hard to rescue them. Or so I remember from Junior Life Saving. They wrap their arms around your neck, and you’re just about as f—ed as they are. Same goes for the fear-peddlers in your life. If you’re prone to fear and worry and anxiety, it’s really flippin’ easy to get taken down. Your worried mind is comfortable believing in the worst case scenario. However, even though we are prone to worry, we still always have a choice. Choosing to buy into the fear and let other people steal the peace we so lovingly and painstakingly cultivated is a choice. Up to you whether it’s the one you want to make.


Choice number 2: Take a stand. Who are you? What do you believe? Who are you twelve years in the future and how would that person react to what’s going down right now? When confronted with negativity that threatens to take you down you have the choice to be militantly protective of your own well-being. One way to do this, that will get you out of the spiral fast, is by asking yourself Who am I really? What do I stand for? And what would that person have to say about all this? 


Here’s an example: I was working with a client recently who is well on her way to developing a multi-level practice as an energy healer and coach. When caught in the fear and self-doubt, when confronted by nay-sayers and fear peddlers, we could easily turn to the healer — the future vision of herself — and we could ask what the healer’s response would be to these forces in her life. This enabled her to take a stand for her future and protect herself from the internal and external forces that were f—ing with her. It enabled her to react with compassion to the fearful voices.


One of my teachers, Gabrielle Bernstein used to say she treated negativity as though she was a vegetarian and someone placed a piece of meat on her plate. Someone can get all in your face with their negativity and fear but it’s up to you whether or not you take it in.


Choosing to change your reaction can get you out of the path of the worry-train in as long as it takes to make a choice.


So, I want to know what you do when the fear-peddlers get all up in your grill, or the worst-case scenarios start seeming a little too vivid. What’s your first response? And then, what do you do to try to talk yourself down?


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