Hope McGrath is a Certified Professional Coach and uses a holistic approach to transformation. She incorporates practices for mindful living, which in turn spices up your spiritual, social, and professional lives. The resulting eye-opening shifts in perception get you all hyped up to dream big and take some serious action to live and love your best life.  

Her experience began as a very successful PR Pro for fashion and events,  and then she partnered with her talented, artistic husband to open an art gallery, but after many years of soul searching, transformational coaching was a strong calling for her and she pursued that dream.

She is also the host of the Radiant Mix Podcast…which seeks to shine a light, and promote deeper understanding and exploration of the multicultural, multiracial experience.

She is inspired by creative, passionate people and even more than that, a LOVE to inspire others to look deeper and discover their life’s purpose, their true calling, that true love, develop inner peace, transform that relationship, and live with authentic happiness.


In this episode you will hear:

  • About Hope’s professional story
  • How her history in fashion events and PR has positioned her perfectly to use events and retreats as a form of publicity in her current business
  • Us talking about how genuinely fun publicity is
  • About the power of FOMO and how that helped Hope generate sales for the art gallery that she and her husband used to own