Hope McGrath is the host of the Radiant Mix podcast, and a Transformational Coach who is a catalyst for change. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Hope McGrath combines her love of social consciousness, fashion, wellness, spirituality and arts & culture into her work. 

The Radiant Mix podcast celebrates life from the mixed, multiracial experience. As a biracial woman in America, Hope McGrath aims to use her voice for positive social change as her show highlights this unique perspective on diversity, race, culture, the arts, politics, love, family and more all with compassion and lightheartedness.

As a Coach, Hope utilizes her unique blend of intuitive healing, mindfulness practices and transformational coaching for a holistic approach to bring clients into alignment to make miraculous positive changes in their lives. The results are a myriad of fulfilling relationships, deep self-love, renewed confidence, blossoming careers and a greater sense of purpose.  She is the co-curator of the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreats in Colombia and beyond that offers total personal empowerment and rejuvenation in tropical paradise.

Hope McGrath is Brooklyn Mom and wife of a visionary artist.

In this episode you will hear:

  • About Hope’s professional story
  • How her history in fashion events and PR has positioned her perfectly to use events and retreats as a form of publicity in her current business
  • Us talking about how genuine fun is publicity
  • About the power of FOMO and how that helped Hope generate sales for the art gallery that she and her husband used to own

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