Be seen, heard and KNOWN, by more of the RIGHT people, to grow your business...

I'm a former NYC corporate publicity strategist now using my powers for good.

Be seen, heard and understood for your unique genius so more of the RIGHT clients can find you.


Tell your story so that the right essential details about you hit the right chord with the right people so they are inspired to nod in agreement and get in touch

Hone your message so you're positioned as the perfect person to serve your clients' needs and your prospects know exactly how they will benefit from your work

Get over your fear of “putting yourself out there” with a solid visibility plan with materials that make you the contributor podcasters, bloggers, editors, and influencers NEED to connect with.

Maybe you’re suffering from the “Field of Dreams” phenomenonYou’ve built it, but they HAVEN’T come…

What They are Saying


“Amanda has helped our community increase their sales, grow their businesses and feel more confident in their branding.”

— Tracy Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Flourish and Thrive Academy


"Within two months of working with Amanda, I had paying clients, within 6 months I had 40 clients and launched a beautiful website that I was proud to share with the world."


"The support I received from Amanda was astonishing. "

-- Diane Diaz, Mobile Manicurist, Owner, Canvas Nail Studio, Chicago, IL

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