To know if you’ve hit bottom, you don’t have to be the cokehead who drives to your dealer’s house with your kids in the backseat.  Bottom is a unique destination for everyone.  And you don’t even need to have a harrowing experience to get there. Whether you’ve got the disease of substance abuse or your addicted to dis-eased thinking, you only need to wake up to the fact that something has to change. It’s the moment you’re crumpled on the floor of your bedroom. You’re begging whoever is out there listening to you for something to give. You realize you can’t go on along the same path any longer. That is the moment you’ve hit bottom.


Addiction is a progressive disease.  It doesn’t level off and become manageable.  It just drags you deeper and deeper until you wake up to the fact that you need help.  In what ways has your dis-eased thinking taken you down in this way? What does hitting bottom look like for you?


See above for how it looks for me.


How do things need to change?


We are all-but-conditioned to think we can get, buy, or do our way up from the bottom.  When you hit bottom there is no more doing or getting.  A new job, a new skill, a new relationship will not save you.  Salvation is an inside job.  Surrender your action list.  Becoming different in some way is not going to do it.  Giving up the habit that’s holding you down will set you free. Your dis-ease is muting your essential light.  Come back to who you really are.  And feel yourself rise.