Heather Manwaring is a photographer who provides a transformational experience of healing and personal expression for women in business and in life. A California native who has totally fallen in love with living in NY, Heather’s unique photographic process is informed by her years of experience with different healing modalities including authentic relating and visual meditation.

Through her work, Heather provides an artistic and personal development opportunity, as she creates space for her clients to shed light on the emotions that are too often repressed. In photographs for their personal collections or for branding purposes, she helps her clients transform those energies into sources of embodied power and radiant magnetism.

Heather envisions a world where everyone feels safe to fall in love with themselves as they are, and relate to each other in healthy ways across the board, personally and in business. Heather believes in photography as a means to help us reach our potential, to fully heal from a history of abuse, and create a wildly better future together.

In this podcast you will hear:

  • How we took Heather’s passion fueled approach to photographing women through the rage and the emotion that they’re taught to repress and merging that with the idea that after they’ve expressed those emotions they’ll be better suited to go out there and take a stand and make an impact through their businesses.
  • What has made it inevitable for Heather to be doing this work.
  • How does Heather get attention for her work.
  • Us brainstorming about Heather’s promotion for her upcoming event.